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Oasis Active is a very popular online dating site frequently given high reviews by online dating review sites, most recently by Review Centre Australia. It is a free online dating site that has attracted attention due to its ad campaigns on television.

Basically, what attracts many to this site is the no-nonsense honest approach wherein there are no hidden costs later. There are no catches and this is clearly stated in the terms and conditions on the site.

Searching and browsing profiles is very very easy. You simply invite or request anyone you like and if they like you back, they accept the request you sent. Or not. If they don’t… oh, well, that’s how the game is played. You keep on searching until you find the right one for either casual or serious relationships. This is the simplest way to contact members you want to either chat with or meet in person eventually.

The online chat rooms and video chats are very easy and are almost similar to MSN/AIM which is very common and convenient.

One common surprise with Oasis Active users is that they often find around 6 to 10 members suddenly taking an interest in them or that a guy or girl they are interested in is just 5 to 10 kilometers away from them. This is actually not surprising given the fact that there are over 3,000,000 members.

Oasis Active is definitely free of charge and advertises no charges ever. The site features unlimited contacts (which is proven by the testimonials of members like the one above), instant messaging (aside from the online chats) and even gallery photos aside from the usual pics you will find in the profiles.

One strong feature of Oasis Active is the search options for browsing through the numerous profiles available. You can search using specific interests like travel, pets, health and fitness and even movies. You can also request for the auto matching for better ease in finding a partner or date. Or you can simply search by country, city or even religion and age.

Oasis Active is simply a 100% free dating service for singles looking for any form of casual sex or relationship or very serious and commitment type of relationship leading eventually to marriage.

What makes Oasis Active is its worldwide network of singles who are all willing to be part of the straight dating community whether it’s for Australian singles, Asian singles, American singles or even Protestant singles! This site is gaining in popularity by the day as shown in the thousands of new members registering every day.

According to Review Centre Australia in its recent review of Oasis Active, out a maximum best of 5 Stars:

Ease of Navigation – 5 Stars
Value for Money – 5 Stars
Overall Rating – 3 Stars

Oasis Active review

So, instead of paying for subscription rates, why not give Oasis Active a go? You might just discover your soul mate in one of the profiles.