It’s simply the scientific method of finding the right match for you. One major problem with online dating sites if you are searching for a serious long-term relationship is that when you browse through lots of profiles, you don’t really know the person in detail until you chat with them or meet them in person. Sometimes, searching through thousands of profiles becomes tedious and soon will take its toll. You’re not sure if the person you like in the profile is ready for something long-term or if he or she is really that attractive or compatible with you.

In all this, the biggest problem is when, after all the magic and sparks have flown during the first few weeks, the relationship takes a bad turn because of incompatibility.

This is where eHarmony comes in because they prescreen matches and only sends you the profiles that are potential compatible matches to you. is the only serious online dating site that interviews thousands of couples to find the real keys to understanding relationships and how they succeed. The research identified key dimensions which are the building blocks of relationships:

  • Core Traits of Intellect and character like:
    • Emotional temperament and passion
    • Social Style
    • Cognitive or intelligence mode
    • Physical attributes
  • Vital Attributes like:
    • Relationship Skills such as communication, emotion management and conflict resolution
    • Values and Beliefs like traditions and ambition
    • Key Life Experiences

The USA patented system is based on a complex matching system developed through extensive testing of married individuals, again, based on the above core traits and vital attributes. One of the ways that makes it work to full success is for participants to take their time and fill out an in-depth and rigorously defined profile. Every match is then screened for compatibility, so you don’t have to search through endless profiles.

eHarmony has now over 20 million registered members. Every day, on average, 236 people who met through eHarmony get married. This adds up to 86,140 marriages in one year in the USA alone. These facts illustrate that eHarmony can be an important dating tool for single men and women dedicated to finding true love.


  • For 3 years in a row – 2008, 2009 and 2010 – eHarmony has won a grand slam for the Top Pick for Match System by the

  • The site also won back-to-back awards in 2008 and 2009 as the Most Voted Singles Choice Site also by

  • In 2007 it also won Top Pick for Christian Site by

For men who are really serious about finding a relationship, eHarmony is one of the few sites with more women than men as its members.

In creating your Personality Profile, there are 256 detailed questions which are all of equal importance because your profile determines who your match choices are to be. 256 may sound so much but the questions are all fun to answer and we greatly encourage the new members to answer as honestly as they can or else the scientific matching will not work.

Though free communication or random searching with all members isn’t allowed and may sound very limiting to most, the advantage over this is that what is being offered is a more in-depth compatibility match based on the matching models of your profiles. The number of success stories and testimonies from eHarmony is enough to convince the critiques that this kind of matching really and truly works.

eHarmony is a straight heterosexual site and doesn’t cater to so-called “special” needs or personalities.

There are 2 types of eHarmony Membership:

Basic Plan (subscription prices in USD)

  • 1 month for $59.95
  • 3 months for $39.95 a month. Billed in one installment of $119.85 (33% savings)
  • 6 months for $29.95 a month. Billed in one installment of $179.70 (50% savings)
  • 12 months for $19.95 a month. Billed in one installment of $239.40 (best value at 67% savings)

Total Connect Plan (subscription prices in USD)

  • 3 months for $44.95 a month. Billed in one installment of $134.85
  • 6 months for $33.95 a month. Billed in one installment of $203.70
  • 12 months for $23.95 a month. Billed in one installment of $287.40

Most eHarmony subscription plans are billed in one installment. The 12-month plans have an option be billed in 3 installments. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards, as well as debit cards that feature either the Visa or MasterCard logo are generally accepted.

eHarmony also accepts PayPal and Bill Me Later, which are very secure as well as convenient online payment systems accepted anywhere in the world.

Australian, Canadian and UK subscription prices are the same when you take note of the present exchange rates.