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Tweet is an Adult Online Dating website which started out in 2007. It has since been active and has over 400,000 Australian male and female users. Including the USA, Canada, Europe and Southeast Asia, the grand total users are 704,550 with the males outnumbering the females.

Of the grand total stated above, around 80% are frequent users ranging from daily to at least once a week. The rest are occasional users of at least once a month. Some have accounts that are used by family members or friends.

Based on a review by Affair Guide, user and member confidence stands at a level of 97%. Their star rating for BeNaughty stands at 8 stars with 10 stars as the best.

According to the star review of, BeNaughty carries 4.5 stars with 5 as the best.

Subscription payments reviewed here are in US Dollars but are still affordable even when converted to Australian or Canadian Dollars. BeNaughty offers a free initial trial. The user can then choose from among the following subscription rates:

1 Month Membership – $14.99

3 Months – $ 29.97

6 Months – $ 47.94

12 Months – $ 89.95

American and Canadians make up the majority of users, with European and Australian users coming in at second. Southeast Asian users make up a minority.

If you take a look at the breakdown below of the total users of 704,500, there are 385,000 males versus 319,550 females. This gives a surplus of 65,450 more males or a ratio of around 1 female for every 2 males.

break down of users in

In a random test and review conducted by Affair Guide, 100 users of were contacted through random e-mail. The results:

random test and review

The above chart clearly shows that BeNaughty has a fair effective percentage in getting men and women to meet.

One of the new offers of the site is that it is now totally free for women. This is probably to address the imbalance of having more male users. Searching through the thousands of profiles is easy and can be customized or tailor-made to suit your needs. There is an indicator as to who is online at the present time if you choose to avail of the online chat rooms. There is also a video section where members can upload their personal videos for member viewing. The e-mail service even has a ‘send a wink’ feature.

The number of success stories in a separate page is a testament to the success rates of the site. Customer service is foremost with the site and a separate help page and PR desk section can be accessed by users in case of need.

Like any online dating site, the site is a great way to meet singles for casual or serious relationships. BeNaughty does emphasize on safety and frequently advises its users to be responsible. The site makes sure that its privacy policy is strictly adhered to in order to protect its users.